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Pub Set: benches and tables

General Features

Our “professional pub” sets are versatile and suitable for all types of use; they are extremely sturdy and made to withstand hundreds of assembly and disassembly operations and more generically to a demanding use of the product..

Great attention is paid to the finishes applied to parts and to the assembly process. All metal parts are coated with ecological epoxy powders.
The safety catches ensure that it is easy and safe to open and close; it uses a safe quick connect/release systemand all parts are finished using a tropicalized galvanic system which ensures they are proofed against all weather conditions.
The surfaces in European pinewood are glued using special melamine resins and withstand use by even the most challenging customer.


These folding tables are the ideal solution when in need of a simple and light ma but at the same time stable and sturdy table top.

Thanks to the safe and quick connect/release system the tables are easy to set up: the safety catches makes them easy and safe to open and close, the low weight ensures practicality in transport and the folding mechanism minimizes the space when it time to store the tables.

The table top is in laminated spruce wood with transparent acrylic paint to ensure resistance to atmospheric agents (ex. sun, rain) and preserve its qualities anche successivamente al contatto con liquidi (es. olio, cibi, birra, vino e bibite ) even after contact with liquids (ex. oil, food, beer, wine) and intensive use by the public, typical in festivals, festivals and clubs such as pubs, bars and trattorias.The thickness of the top is 2.5 cm. The beams are treated with an anti-mold impregnating agent.

The table legs are in iron painted with ecological epoxy powder. The safety triggers are in yellow galvanized iron. Everything is designed and built to prevent deformation  and withstand use even in the most challenging situations.

Surface cleaning can be done with a simple damp cloth.

The tables have a standard length of 220 cm  and are available with different depths: 50, 67 and 80 cm.


Size Weight KG
50X220X2,5 23
67X220X2,5 26,5
80X220X2,5 30


The folding benches are   extremely light and sturdy and go well with the design of the tables to create the perfect profession pub set. Practical and easy to set up, they can be easily stored after use together with the tables.

Made of 2.8 cm of thick fir wood the top of the seat is painted with several hands to ensure the quality of the wood even after the exposure to atmospheric agents and intensive use by costumers. The round bull edge is in harmony with the table and is more comfortable and safe to use.

Legs and safety trigger are made of painted iron, galvanized and steel, and they ensure the non-deformability and resistance of the benches to the most intense stresses.

Cleaning can be done with a simple soft cloth and water or neutral detergents; We recommend not to use solvents, as they could damage the protective paint layer.


Size Weight KG
25X220X2,8 11,50/cad

Technical specifications

Selected pinewood panels, dried at a humidity level of 10% – 12% made from rows of glued wooden laths, with special melamine resins for outdoor use. They are treated with special impregnating waterproof varnishes on both sides. Any knots or resin bubbles are plugged or filled respectively.

It has a sturdy electro-welded metal bearing structure with angle bars measuring 3 X 30 X 30 mm and 10 mm Ø steel support brackets which prevent the structure from deforming. The connection/release system is rapid and safe with parts that have a tropicalized finish. The metal structure is fastened to the wooden panels by galvanized steel screws and self-locking nuts. Epoxy powder varnish.


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